Top 5 Truck Stop Attractions

While some truckers might list Pilot, Love’s, or TA as their favorite road-side stops, we all know that Ma and Pop shops offer something special. Whether they stand alone or are adjacent to a corporate stop, these eats gather travelers from all around.

5. Sadler Travel Plaza, Emporia, Va. (I-95/US 58)

The name made famous by Hermie and Elliot Sadler, NASCAR drivers that together kept the sport occupied for three decades. Slowing down from racing, Hermie took over the family truck stop.

4. Boise Stage Stop, Boise, Idaho (I-84)

This place is filled with history, down to the dated dishes they magnificently serve. While the stop is almost as old as the profession itself, truckers can find everything they need here. From 24-hour laundry to Idaho-local wines, this place has it all.

3. Pedro’s Truck Stop (South of the Border), Dillon, S.C. (I-95)

Among plenty of other attractions, dining, and shopping, this spot offers trucker’s supplies (including diesel exhaust fluid), showers, and a trucker’s lounge. Pedro keeps coffee brewing for you 24/7. There is also a large covered picnic area beside the truck stop.

2. Jubitz, Portland, Ore. (I-5 Exit 307)

Not to mention this being the largest truck parking lot in the Northwest, this site also offers a self-serve dog wash and jacuzzis for after your shower. If you are feeling scruffy, they even offer access to Cosmo’s Barber Shoppe. Showers are free with the purchase of 75 gallons of fuel and towels are provided given your keys as a deposit.

1. Iowa 80, Walcott, Iowa (I-80 Exit 284)

Last and certainly not least, Iowa 80 has been called a trucker’s Disneyland. Among other impressive amenities, the stop contains a chiropractor and dentist office. There is also a library and movie theatre for all your entertainment needs!

If you are hankering for a special meal beyond these stops, here is a Google Maps list of the best diner in every state!

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